How to upload an image with esp32 cam

I’m trying to upload an image to the thinger io dashboard with an esp32 cam so I can use a webhook to post it to twitter whenever the camera is triggered. What is the easiest way to do this? I’m currently using an RTSP webserver sketch to get an mjpeg URL but my board won’t connect. Their must be an easier way than using this massive sketch just to get a URL link?

thing.add_wifi(SSID, SSID_PASSWORD);
thing[“ESP32CAM”] >> [](pson& out){
out = “rtsp://192.168.1.***:8554/mjpeg/1”;

Currently using this code to try and get it to post with my IP address, once the link is created

The Image/MJPEG widget needs a public address to access, the address that is your board capturing is in your private network, this will not work.

This particular widget cannot be feeded with a device resource.

If your router gets a public ip address, you can make a rule to address the microcontroller from the web, and this can feed the widget, but not with the private address, this wont work because the server is in other network segment.

Hope this helps.