How to take data from other node?

Hi everyone

I don’t understand how to take data from other node. For example, in the first node i have this code

thing[“LDR”] >> [](pson& out){
out = analogRead(LDR);

And i want a second node to take this value and make something. So i write this code on second node

unsigned int current_lum = 0;

thing[“LDR”] << [](pson& in){
if (in.is_empty()){
in = current_lum;
} else {
current_lum = in;

void loop() {

Serial.println(current_lum); //value is always zero

What is the mistake? I have the free license so far

Thanks in advance!

HI, you are just defining an input resource in one device, and an putout resource in another resource. You must just send information from one device to another. Take a look to the documentation: