How to send data from ESP32 to local server thinger?

Hi im new on thinger… i see some tutorial to install thinger on local server like ubuntu 18.04 via snap install. I already can install it and running it without problem.

But my problem is, i cannot send data locally through access point in my home from ESP32 to my local server.

On my Program in ESP32 i already adding on top code:


Anyone know how to solve it? thanks

Hello @Agung_Fathur,

Please include #define _DEBUG_ too in order to read the connection traze.

However stay tuned because this week we will release the new version of On-premise Server instances with a lot of improvements.


Hi @Agung_Fathur
Remember that in the line:


You must change the by the IP address of the thinger server in your local network.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the answer @JorgeTrincado, but its still not working for me.
Maybe i will wait for new version that u told. I will be nice…

Hi @ega thanks for the help. I already change the “” with my local server but still not working. Maybe I will waiting for new release version for next try.