How to receive a stream on a NodeMCU?

I am trying to make a bidirectional streaming system using two NodeMCUs.

Essentially, when something happens, one NodeMCU sends a signal using thing.call_device(recvname, "torecv");, and the other NodeMCU goes into “reception mode”. The first NodeMCU then starts streaming using["button"]);.

How do I receive this stream on the second NodeMCU which knows it is being streamed to?

I have the following resources defined:

thing["button"] >> [](pson& out){
    out = digitalRead(BUTTON);
thing["listener"] << [](pson& in){
    recvstate = in;
thing["torecv"] = [](){
    recv = !recv;

where recv is a variable that is checked for “reception mode”, and recvstate is an integer variable that should store the data temporarily (the data is simply a 1 or a 0).

How do I receive streamed data?