How to read more than 50 records from the data bucket?

Hello, I need to read the data bucket via API (I use Volley libraries on Android app), but I have verified that I only receive the first 50 records. I have seen that no more than 50 records are read on the Swagger console either. How can I read the next records? The url that is used in the API has this form: “”. Do I have to change this url to read the following records? Thank you in advance!

Hi @qsegreti

There is a query parameter called items to indicate the number of records you want to retrieve. The maximum records you can retrieve in one query is 1000, so if you want more you would have to execute multiple queries indicating also the query parameters max_ts and min_ts so the records don’t overlap.
You can analyze the queries done by the browser for additional info on the requests.


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Many thanks jaimebs! I tried the “items” parameter, it works perfectly, in a short time I will also implement the management of max_ts and min_ts.

That’s great @qsegreti ! You may take a look a this function which does just the same: Node-RED/bucket-read.js at dd3d136e0b0b1f3cd0f378791ff1e28d0448f2ca · thinger-io/Node-RED · GitHub

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