How to multiply two incoming resource values and present the result on a Dashboard?

I have my ESP32 sending two int values, now I want to two multiply them and present in a new value inside a Dashboard Text/Value Widget.

Is there a way?

Hi @Leonardo

Data transformations are available through products or Node-RED plugin.

However, for this simple simple task, it’s easier to do the operation in the esp32 and send the 3 values

Yes, I know that I can manage inside the ESP32, but through time I want to update the values manipulation without the need to update the ESP32.

Do you have an exemple of how to do this math inside a product? I studied a bit, but couldn’t figure out how variables are managed inside the “Product Script”.

Hi @Leonardo

Given this example resource:

    client["operands"] = [](iotmp::output& out) {
      out["op1"] = rand() % 10;
      out["op2"] = rand() % 10;

You can add an api resource in products with the following settings:

And the product function:

function multiply(payload) {
    payload['result'] = payload.op1 * payload.op2;
    return payload;


The operands resource will be extended to show also the result

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