How to fix the x-axis in apex charts

I am trying to plot the data collected in the past 30 days in two apex charts.
One data bucket receives data from my device every minute, but another one only receives one message every one or two days. If I set the timeframe to the past 30 days, the chart for the first data bucket is working as expected, but the timeframe for the second data bucket starts from 28 days ago instead of 30days (because it didn’t receive any data at that time.). As a consequence, the timeframes of the two charts do not match.
Is there any way to fix the x-axis in the apex chart, so that it will start from a fixed timeframe even the data bucket does not include data at that time?

The same question comes to the y-axis as well.
I set the max and min value from 10 to 0, but the y-axis only shows 10 to 5 as I don’t have any value smaller than 5 in the bucket.