How to display API REST value to LCD 16x2

Hi thinger master,

i want to take data from and display it to liquidcrystal LCD 16x2
i have tried using REST API address and here the result from browser

i have also tried using AT-Command

AT+SAPBR=3,1, "APN", "indosatgprs"
AT+SAPBR=3,1, "USER", "indosat"
AT+SAPBR=3,1, "PWD", "indosat"

but the result show empty

can you give me sample code to do that?? thanks

Hello @arimukhlas,

I think the problem is that the credential of your rest API has expired. You have to create a permanent one using the device token or an access token.

The AT commands seems to be right… maybe I’m missing the GET method. Is it possible?


thanks for reply, i have changed the temporary authorization key to permanent token, now i have successed get data through serial monitor

can you tell me how to take the value so i can display it to LCD?
thanks so much

You got the values. How to process them further, is up to your program.
You might ask support from Arduino fora, if you got stuck.

hi @arimukhlas,

Note that now you have a string with json format, so best way to work with it will be using arduinojson lib. Better option may be try to adapt thinger’s software client to your pcb. What device are you using?