How to Configure platform to send data with Arduino Mega and SIM900A GSM module

Hi all,

I am new to this cloud platform, and I wanted to push data on this cloud platform with Arduino Mega and SIM900A(GSM/GPRS) module. I am successfully able to upload data on Think speak over https(TCP) GET / POST request.

can anyone help out how to connect devices here and i have created one device currently status is Disconnected what does that mean?

what are the basic steps to follow for creating End points? also let me know if anything needs to be configure.


first you check device connected to wifi and also you add libraries also it definitely work.

Hi Samarboeade,

but here I am not using Wifi based approach, I am intrested in GPRS approach,with SIM900A module.

Hi, @vksgaikwad3, what is the library your are using to communicate with the SIM900A module?

Hi alvarolb, I am not using any library, I have my own functions and communicating over AT commands, So I don’t know how to proceeds on this platform to upload the data with SIM9000A.

let me know if you can help me .


Please read post for connecting GPRS to

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