How to change a value of resourse if alert is activated

Hello! I want to change a value of a device resourse, every time a value of other resourse takes very high or low values.
For example I want to set a value to 1 every time a temperature is higher than a specific value.
I want to do this from the platform (not from the board)
Is it possible?


Yes of course you can do this with the Node-Red plugin, you can implement a flow that every amount of time the platform requests the values directly from device A (no bucket usage needed), and when it reaches a certain value do something, like write something to device B.

Even you may trigger many events, like write on device B and send an email (by an enpdoint), for example.

The plugins usage is a privage instance exclusive feature.

Hope this helps.

Hy guys! Hopefully this functionality will be added in the server this year, along with an alert system that allows us to put the server to monitor the IoT infrastructures

Hi, for my opinion this is the most important thing you have to add to your platform and this is the reason that I can’t use it.
How to test this function using the Node-Red plugin? This is not available on the free version.

Hy @1115,

Actually, the solution that EGA said allows you to implement this work in a very simple way. Just using to manage and obtain data from devices and then Node-RED to evaluate the values and call an endpoint if it raises a threshold.

I just remembered that the grafana plugin also offers a very complete rule engine, it is explained in its documentation: