How does platform relate or integrate with MQTT

i think is a very nice project but i’m yet to fully understand the concept behind it. Does it mean with, the device has to be flashed and a new firmware uploaded to the device powered by

My second question is really why the choice of protoson over MQTT and can relate or integrate with MQTT

Hi, MQTT is a lightweight telemetry protocol designed many years ago, that today is being used for Internet of Things connected products.

MQTT cannot be integrated with thinger at this moment. uses a different protocol based on protoson format (also developed for the platform). With this new protocol, we wanted different things, like REST API support both for sensing or actuating, auto API Discovery, bandwidth saving while transmitting data, and other low level features. So, using a protocol or another is just a term of design. You can decide to use MQTT, CoAP, HTTP requests as many IoT platforms use, or the protocol. Each one will have their own benefits. As in different protocols, you will have to write code for the protocol, so your device is able to talk with the server. Then, using the provided libraries, you will build a firmware for your device.

I just program on Arduino and put the data on the cloud but I don’t know which protocol is used there.
how to know this?