How create widgets HTML with reusable components created in webs like "Formly"


I am having some problems when I want to use reusable components from websites like: Bootstrap, Formly, etc.

In this case, I would like to create a form with hidden fields. I have found this example with angular: Hide Fields | Formly

I have tried to copy it in a file stored in, and use it in a dashboard though a widget HTML. This is the project: StackBlitz | Instant Dev Environments | Click. Code. Done.

I have downloaded and uploaded all the files with the same structure of folders at Nevertheless, it does not work.

It happens to me when I try to copy other components from other websites like bootstrap.

I would be so grateful if you could help me, please!


Currently there a couple of limitations with this approach. HTML widgets are built on top of Angular.js, and not on Angular, and some components, like Formly, are only available on Angular. We are working on making available the development of HTML widgets with Angular, but I cannot give you a date on when it will be available.

Another limitation, is that these components require additional packages to be installed into the angular project (not supported), but which may or may not be already available as part of the Thinger frontend.

When Angular is available we will try and compile a list on which components are available to use for an HTML widget