How can I connect PIC16F877A Device?

I am trying to connect PIC16F877A to but i couldn’t find anything helpful.
Is it possible to connect PIC16F877A??? and if yes, anything will be appreciated? :grinning:

Well, you need an internet connection to upload your data on Do you have any ethernet, Wifi, sigfox, Lora peripheral on your design ?

For example :

The first thought that comes into my mind is to communicate the PIC with an arduino nano or nodemcu by I2C or SPI (for example), because the libraries were developed for this devices, in all layers, the connection with infrastructures (GSM or WiFi), and the communication with thinger platform, of course, I’m not experienced developer, for matters of time and effort this would be the solution for me.

And the advantage to have two microcontrollers is that it can be added a watchdog routine between them, and reset one with the other, if one gets hangs out.

Hello guys,

the easiest way currently is using an ESP8266 module with client on it and a communication via serial port or I2C with the PIC. But I don`t really understand why to use the PIC and not to use directly the ESP8266


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