Historical Data from Bucket

Hello, We are trying to monitor multiple batter devices and need to record the data ever second since the device would only be used three times a day for about 30 seconds then would need to go back and charge. When using the dashboard and looking at the past day our web browsers are crashing and if the data shows up it fails on the next upload. We need to be able to view historical data over the coarse of a year and effectivly monitor the battery life over the coarse of one to two years. Is there a way to average the data in the bucket, so if I look at one day it might average every 10 min, one week it would average 1hr, one month average 6 hrs, and so on? Also is there a way to sum the total in the dashboard of lets say a current sensor and we want a basic total KWH for a month?

Thank you for your help.