Help - "Developer" user does not create "Project Member" user in version 5.3.6

Hello, @alvarolb e @jaimebs

UPDATE: Apparently, everything worked normally again. The Project’s “Add User” button that wasn’t working now works again!
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

In version 5.3.6, the “Developer” User cannot create the “Project Member” user in the project.
Is this a BUG? In the previous version (5.3.3), the User “Developer” created “Project Member” in the project.
We hope this is a bug, as we developed our entire architecture with “Developer” User creating projects and “Project Member” users.
If this is no longer possible, it is TOTAL nonsense!!!
How do we proceed now?
Tell us this is a bug!

We need “Developer” to create “Project Member” and link them to projects like we did in version 5.3.3. Urgent!

Everything happened after this committee that fixed this issue:

We cannot migrate our devices created with the “Developer” User to an “Admin” or “Domain Admin” user, as our entire architecture was created with the “Developer” User. Furthermore, there is a security issue, as “Admin” or “Domain Admin” users change sensitive server settings (host, Brand, users…). They are the same as Linux Root users. The “Developer” User is great for creating projects and “Project Member”, without compromising access security.

We are about to celebrate some signings with important clients, and we need project and user management to work the same as in version 5.3.3, that is, the “Developer” user creating projects and “Project Member” users.

We are desperate here because of this bug or change (it cannot be a change, if it is a change it will ruin our architecture that we have already built over 1 year ago)