Grafana - InfluxDB Error: database not found:nnnnn

The data bucket connection has previously been working. At some point I started getting the error “InfluxDB Error: database not found:nnnnn”, and no data is shown in the dashboard panels. The data source setup seems ok, and the data source test reports “Data source is working”

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @hjfosse,

Due to the latest changes on the platform it is necessary to update grafana to the latest available version (8.5.4), which will add two new data sources that are already configured.

Then, on your dashboards make sure you change the data source to the one called ‘InfluxDB2-InfluxQL’.

You can find more information here.

Please let us know if this fixes your issues.


Thanks. Upgrading Grafana did the trick.
It would be helpful if the process of upgrading Grafana was described better in the documentation. I was not aware that this was something you have to do manually.