GPS Pinging Wrong Location

Hi, our GPS says we’re in Europe - but we’re in Colorado. Any idea why the location would be wrong? Where to go troubleshoot.


I recommend you to first of all get the device working, check if the GPS reading is accurate by serial console before integrating with the platform, to determine where the issue can be.

If you can’t get the readings by serial console, I recommend you to also check other forums (as, we can try our best with your particular development, but is important to note that we are specialized into the integration with the platform.

In any case is useful to know what hardware are you working with and see your code.

Hello robauto

If you are referring to the device map then by default this shows the location provided by your IP, so if you are sitting behind a VPN, or running on a company network this can show a significant difference in the location on the map.

To correct this you can set Latitude & Longitude in the device properties, see the Device Administrator Guide for instructions on how to do this.



If you are talking about the device location on your device page, that’s the GPS for your network operator instead of your location. To get the GPS of your device, you should have the module on your device to read the GPS and then update your device property as Mark’s tutorial.
The following video may also help:
Sigfox Explore: Geofencing use cases using