GoogleMap Widget does not display positioning if Apex chart is also present in dashboard

Hi there folks, just FYI,

While playing with the GoogleMap widget I found it will take me to what appears to be lat 0.00, lon: 0.00 if an apex chart widget is also present in the dashboard. This seems to be related to both widgets being set to display relative data, in my case, the last 24h.

Here is a screenshot (maps blurred for privacy). After adding the apex chart I have to save it dashboard and come back to it to see the one with relative data shows in the middle of the Atlantic.

HI @jjo458, thanks for the report!

Just a question, is all your data coming from a data bucket?.

Hi Alvaro, indeed, all from the same bucket. Here is what data look like in there:


RSSI column corresponds to data in apex timeline chart.