Google Maps Widget not adding/saving on dashboard

When I try to add google maps widget on dashboard it is not get saved nor giving any error.
I have filled all the data properly but still no luck

Hi @Electronics_RND, can you describe in more detail your problem?, i.e., what server version are you using (public/private), and what steps did you follow?

We are using your dashboard , After filling all the details it is not saving.

Hi @Electronics_RND, are you sure you are using a Google Map widget, or just a Text field?

I am able to add the Google Map , But when we use the MQTT protocol to push the data on Bucket is very slow or it miss the publish data which we are sending from the device.
Out 20 time only 4-5 times only data bucket get the updated values.
please guide us how to make it fast.
MQTT broker is working fine. Only data bucket is very slow or not reliable.

Hi, community version has a limitation on number of messages to be stored. It is limited to 1 data per minute.

So is there any other way that the google map (or any other text filed) will get updated fast but no data storage under 1 min.


Text widget allows to sample the device’s resource up to 1 sec interval.

Also allows to listen resources streamed by devices.

Check the streaming documentation → CODING GUIDE - Documentation

Hope this helps.