Get last connected time conversion from API

Hello, I am using thinger API to get device status, as given in the documentation:

it also returns “ts”:1486047553711 which is last connected time. but how do I convert it so we can read it normally?

somthing like this:

(sorry I had to replay to my own post cuz it didn’t allowed me to add 2 images!)

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Thank you!

Hello, can anyone tell me timezone of this epoch time? it will be useful for me in order to convert it to other timezone times from the API.
Thank you.

The unix time (the timestamp) is related to GMT-0, the browser adjust automatically according your timezone and gives the time adjusted.

If you want to adjust according another timezone or by a application, just need to add or remove the time according that particular timezone, and remember that the thinger platform gives you the timestamp in milliseconds.