Get data from bucket?

First, thanks for a great service, got a NodeMCU connected and it works great. It collects data from my heating system and gets me the amount of Power I use in real time.

I built an Android app as an gui for this, the regular API call works fine to get the latest data available. However, I want to show a chart in the app as well, just like the one you can create as a dashboard.
So, is there an API call so i can get the latest 10 or 20 adds to a Data bucket?
Or is is maybe possible to get a Dashboard public (an embed link as in Thingspeak would be nice) in some way?

Thanks again!

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Yes, trying to do the same thing in a bit of code I’m playing with.

Ideal if we could get last value in bucket and also maybe a range… ive tried console in chrome to see how you are calling, but maybe an example of the URLs to call to get data from bucket - single value and a range of values - would be great!!