Flag the widget with “thumb down” when the bucket stops receiving data for a certain period of time

Hello, @alvarolb

An example of how the user can be misled when interpreting dashboard information.
LED widgets have as “Data Source” “From Data Bucket”.
Devices send data every 10 minutes to Bucket.
It turns out that 2 devices were offline for more than 11 hours and stopped sending data to the bucket. Even so, the widget informs the last value sent more than 11 hours ago.
It would be important to have a rule in the widget’s configuration to report something wrong, such as “thumbs down” and the LED turning gray, in case the bucket does not receive data for more than 30 minutes, for example.

The lack of this functionality impairs the interpretation of the data.
A simple implementation that could avoid big problems for users (our customers).

Another example with the time series chart. What could the functionality look like:

I understand your point, but I think with a little education on end users teaching them how to interpretate the dashboard correctly they can easily deduce the information, and even tie it to particular situations of that specific process in that moment.

On the other hand I guess the ‘thumb down’ means that the resource is not available, so although maybe you have not seen it on buckets aimed widgets, it already has a function assigned.

A workaround could be aiming the widget to a property with bucket values, and developing a nodered flow that counts tme since last modification and after certain amount of time, it assings a value that the led widget will show as ‘unavailable’ or ‘offline’.

Hope this helps.