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Hi everybody… i was struggling with a few variations on my dashboard using Google Chrome… and after hours spent on crash… bugs… refreshing pages and logging in again… very stressful!! everytime I need to change something, it was a nightmare for me… specially when you have 100 widgets opened…
I thought it was a thinger problem, BUT… one day I changed browser… using Firefox! and the job I was doing in 2 hours, I did in 10 min!!! so much stable!!!

Any experience on that? anyway… just to inform you that for me worked much better with firefox! or maybe is already known for you… :smiley:

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Good to know @sistralsrl! We always recommend Chrome as the default browser, as all the features we develop are tested on it, especially now that new Edge is using now chromium. I have not worker with such widgets amounts (100 seems to be quite a lot! :open_mouth: ) Would like to see what are you doing :wink:


No. I am using both browsers and both are reliable. I am using 100 widgets too…
The trap is in making changes on the dashboard settings.
You MUST refresh your page before attempting to change widgets after a change of dashboard settings.
If you don’t, all your widget changes are gone at the next refresh!

This is what i’m saying!! i mean, i know the trick of refreshing, but I swear, when I was using chrome, it was a nightmare! everytime it crashes! anyway, one day i used Firefox and i did all the changes i need and it was perfect… idk… anyway… it may be a good suggestion for someone who is struggling with it.

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The good thing is that you now can save your work and restore any previous state:
Go to settings tab developer and copy the code to any text editor.