Feedback for Thingerio version 1.6.1

Hello thinger developers!

As a thinger user with own server for last 6 months, i was excited with the feature and performance of the platform until 1.5.19 version. Last week when i checked on my laptop to monitor my office environment (temp & humidity, motion sensor, 2 lamps) i am surprised that the respons time of thinger platform is faster than before, then i realized that the platform automatically updated to 1.6.1 version. Ok, this is good. But there’s several things that need to be fixed :

  1. Front end in a smartphone
    Response times in a smartphone web browser is always delay, some cases the front end freeze very often. Our team have develop android apps webview to simplify user for using the platform with smartphone. It is the same result, the front end view is freeze very often.
  2. Icon changes
    When we use thingerio in a smartphone, the default “user profile” and “menu” icon changes into ugly icon, it confusing the user to navigate the app.
  3. The graph in a time series chart
    We’ve plotted the temp & humidity measurement in a time series graph, previously it looks cool graph. After updated to 1.6.1 version, It looks like the “dots” is always up and down.
    here’s the screenshot :
  4. Donut chart display
    Measurement value in a donut chart is sometimes appear and sometimes disappear after several second, repeatedly.

I think that is enough from me as a thinger user, will updated when we find another case.



Have you checked out 1.6.2 (local Version) they have implemented a few Bugfixes. but in my opinion there are still a lot of things not working a expected…


Hi @astonix,

thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Regarding your questions:

  1. The current front-end has not been designed as a final user interface. It is more like a back-end admin panel where you can manage your devices, and share dashboards eventually. A webview inside an app will not improve the system. For an smartphone, it is recommended to build custom UIs according to your use case.

  2. Can you please share an screenshot of this issue?

  3. We are not able to reproduce this issue. Please, clear any cache in the browser if the problem persists.

  4. Is this also in a mobile phone?


Hi @SecureXperts, can you indicate what elements are not working as expected?.

Hi alvaro,

  1. Ok, noted. For me, i think actually the default UI from thinger front-end is nice. So, user can also use that as a final UI.

  2. We’ve already reverse the version into 1.5.9, sorry can’t take the screenshot.

  3. Noted.

4.Yes. Same result on the mobile phone.