Feature proposal: Dashboard profiles


users may put quite a lot of work in building dashboards.
They may make mistakes and want to step back.
If you need to duplicate a dashboard, you must redo everything.

Would it be a lot of work to provide the ability to save a dashboard design as a profile and be able to reload that file as a template for a new one or to restore an old state?

Hi, yes, this is something we are working on. We have been thinking on different approaches to be able to develop a template, i.e., detect data sources in the dashboard and being able to dinamically switch them, and also define dahsboards for products and assets, which will become templates for every product or asset. This is something we will try to release after products section is released, which includes OTA, firmware management, etc., so we dont have an expected released date yet.

In the meanwhile we can create a clone dashboard function that is much mor easy to implement. Will it work for you in the meantime? :slight_smile:

“create a clone dashboard function”
This is a good step anyway, thank you!

:+1::+1::+1: for your site Thinger is the best!

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Ok! Will work on it for the next upgrade :wink:

Ok! Will work on it for the next upgrade…

Hopefully across devices?