Example sketch from library does not work?

Ok, so I feel really stupid for asking this question. I’ve just got a Arduino MKR NB 1500, which is supposed to be supported out of the box from Thinger? Well, I started by uploading the sketch example from the Thinger library, and the Arduino is immediately “disconnects” from the system, I have to reset the CPU for it to appear again (it’s not discoverable from the port menu, and the output window cannot connect either…). Weird. I found that disabling the following allowed the Arduino to run as it should:


If I comment out this first line, the Arduino sketch is uploaded and the CPU seems to run at least. I take it that this toggle is needed for the library to output any diagnostics to Serial?

A sidenote, is the APN section necessary? I don’t have any login to my network provider, and would also like the board to connect to different providers automatically based on whats available.


I’m a little embarrassed to not even get past the basic examples, but here I am. Is there something obvious I have missed? I’m running Arduino IDE 2.0.0 on MacOS 12.6 if that should matter, thinger library 2.25.2 installed directly from the library manager.

I should note that I have uploaded other example sketches to download web content, sending SMS, etc, and the board seems to work well here…


The board gives no debug output?

On the other hand, the way to use any apn login and password is coding a routine to get that from the GSM network provider available to be used and provide it to the thinger client, it is needed.

Hi Ega,

And thanks for the feedback. No, there are no debug output, because the board gets disconnected immediately after upload. So the board disappears from the “ports” menu (only left with a “bluetooth” device) and the output console also says “no connection”. I could not find the USB device in “system information” on my Mac either, so it seems leaving that debug option in the code makes the entire board stop working somehow.

If i reset the board (double-click on the reset button) it appears again, and I can upload sketches to the board again