Example devicePropertyWidget.html on product dashboard

i’ve a problem on apply example devicePropertyWidget.html
on your doc https://docs.thinger.io/features/dashboards

on product – > dashboard
if i load your devicePropertyWidget.html and i select HTML Widget
data_source: Manual 1
i can show ( value 1: and data {{source}}) but it don’t work

so if i select HTML Widget data_source: device_property
with device with my property testval {“a”:1234,“b”:667,“c”:0}
ok now i can show value , but {{source}} is empty
and don’t work

How can setting right your devicePropertyWidget.html to work ?
(within the products dashboard)

best regards

Hi @secur_lab

The main issue seems to be a missing js file or only the html file is loading.

Make sure that in the widget properties, the source is set to the js file.


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ok it is right . now i 've select js file .
but on HTML widget that i can select ?

if i try to select property there is no {{source}} data

but if i select MANUAL & 1 , i can’t get on {{source}} property :: value {“a”:1,“b”:2,“c”:0}

i’m working on dashboard on product (with property setting on product )

there is mode to connect my property value {“a”:1,“b”:2,“c”:0} to example

best regards

i’ve this error .

Hi @secur_lab

Indeed, the {{source}} will not be shown when using device_property, however it is still declared and you may access its details with its properties. For example: {{source.name}}

The error shown is normal, when you have it set to manual, there is no value.a field available.