ESP8266 ESP01 with Arduino Uno LED wont turn on or off

I saw the HOW-TO but their code is different from the example in the latest Arduino IDE 1.6.13.

#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <ThingerESP8266.h>

#define USERNAME "your_user_name"
#define DEVICE_ID "your_device_id"
#define DEVICE_CREDENTIAL "your_device_credential"

#define SSID "your_wifi_ssid"
#define SSID_PASSWORD "your_wifi_ssid_password"


void setup() {

  thing.add_wifi(SSID, SSID_PASSWORD);

  // digital pin control example (i.e. turning on/off a light, a relay, configuring a parameter, etc)
  thing["led"] << digitalPin(BUILTIN_LED);

  // resource output example (i.e. reading a sensor value)
  thing["millis"] >> outputValue(millis());

  // more details at

void loop() {

the site shows i’m connected to the site and shows the led control. I toggle the switch and it does nothing. I tried changing the pin and it still does nothing.

any tips on tracking down the issue?
thank you!

EDIT: There is also data being transmitted back and forth when the switch is toggled.

The code looks ok but change “BUILTIN_LED” for “LED_BUILTIN”
The connection with is ok.

If it doesn´t work use an external LED like in this circuit:

And change “BUILTIN_LED” for “2”