ESP8266 doesn't reconnect after power off

Hi everybody!

I’m starting to develop software on ESP8266 using Arduino IDE. I tried the sketch available on

File -> Examples -> -> ESP8266

After the skectch is downloaded it works properly. It connects to my router and to the Thinger cloud. But after a power off, the module doesn’t reconnect to the router.

Any suggestion?


Hello Felipe! and welcome to the community!

Reading your problem, I directly guess that the board is not booting properly, maybe because some boot pin it’s being connected to any GND or Vcc. But, to make sure, please say what is the exactly board that you are using and specify the circuitry of your project if you have created anyone.

However, if you add “#include DEBUG” in the first line of the example code and make an instance of serial port on de setup(), you will be able to see all transmission and authentication data into the serial port inspector. If there is any problem you could see it there.

If it only writes an un comprehensible line of characters, you have any problem in the board or in the booting wire up.