ESP8266 Connection

Hi, somebody else have a problem to auto reconnect to wifi?
In my case, I have a simple discrete control for esp8266 relay, after some hours it disconnected but I’m still have access in my other devices like computers, phones but not esp8266 MC.

Keeping the serial monitor and it try to reconnect but without success. So I have to restart the router to ESP8266 reconnect again.

Any suggestion cuz reset the router isn’t an efficiency solution for this.

(I’m testing the Thinger server 1.7.13, but i think it’s not the problem about the server, but in the LTS Server thinger, ESP reconnects normally)

I had a similar issue, don’t know if it was the same , what I’ve done was stoping thinger and starting again, it turns off wifi and when it turns on connects again.

You stop it with

Of course you need to stop call thinger.handle(); so it can turn it off wifi and call it again after some seconds, I stop it by 10 seconds and it works fine.

Let you the post where it was discussed about it

My router was blocking access to my devices, so I fixed it and working well now. But I have to back to TLS THinger server. Next week i’ll install again the beta.
I recommend to add an input text, is better than a slider when you try to add a set point.