ESP32 not connecting to Wifi /

I try to connect my ESP32 to wifi / But my ESP32 seem to stay offline.

Using a standard Wifi code the ESP32 is connecting


But with the standard code for ESP32 / it fails.


What can be the issue?

One step further, but still some issues

I’m now connected with wifi.
Is this because I add disanle TLS?


But now I have Auth Failed!
What can cause this?


Write again the device credentials, if it’s neccesary delete it and create again, this not seems to be an issue with the platform.

And don’t post a printscreen of your code, post it as preformated text, the forum’s posting window has the option to do it, this makes easier for us to read the code, and maybe easy for you to post it.

Hope this helps

Deleting the device and re-create it did the trick.
Now the next step in learning IoT