ESP code to read the approx device location

Thinger knows the approximate location of my device, since it displays it on a map.
Is there a hidden device property to get this latitude and longitude from Thinger?
I would like to get the weather from without requiring the user to enter these parameters.

P.S. I am trying to reduce the amount of configuration required for Thinger devices to a minimum.
So if, once connected to, it could be possible to get the time zone data for that device too, or even get the local time from a property without need to write code for NTP server, that would really be great.
It does not need to be very accurate.

Hi @rin67630,

this is an interesting feature. Thanks for sharing :wink:

I think the easiest way would be to automatically create/update the location on each device connection (if not already defined by the user).

I reference your issue here for further discussion: