Error Install Server Deploy with Ubuntu 16.04. LTS

i try deploy thinger-server in enviroment ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
i follow manual from :

here error on last step
root@IOT:/home/ison# snap install thinger-maker-server
33.78 MB / 33.78 MB [=========================================] 100.00 % 582.40 KB/s

error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Mount snap “thinger-maker-server” (info failed to parse: yaml: unmarshal errors:
    line 9: cannot unmarshal !!str 120s into timeout.Timeout)


Hi, did you updated your distribution, as suggested in the beginning of the document?

I install fresh and upgrade all distribution like in document .

I have seen some errors while installing the package before upgrading the distro. Please, use a clean distro, update and upgrade it, and then install the server. I have tested it several times in Vagrant and it works fine. The snap package system is evolving quite fast, and it may fail if you do not have the latests versions. It may fail also if you upgrade after trying to install the package.

thanks is working when i deploy from fresh source code .

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