Error 404 when sharing a dashboard

I’m trying to share a demo dashboard but it seems that the generated link is bad.

In the share url I see that url begins with “https:/” that seems not be correct.

If I press the “Open link” link it takes me to “” that seems also incorrect. I get a 404 error.

As I have seen in other examples the URL should be similar to

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Hey Daniel,
I’m getting the same error. Did you have any luck finding a workaround?

I think that I might have figured it out. If you add the “console” back in front of the… from the generated link, it seems to work. I was not able to do this in the menu as it seems like some kind of character length limit has been reached. I had to paste the generated address into the browser address bar and then add the “console” part.

This was a problem affecting community servers. It has been fixed now on 3.4.5, just refresh the browser and should work ok!

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