Ensure my traffic has arrived


Hi everybody,

I want to use thinger.io to monitor my electic vehicle. Main focus is to have a look at the charging state and how full the battery is SOC.

All of this is working great so far. A esp32 is pulling the data from the car and uploads it to thinger.io.

I also want to call an email endpoint if my charging stops and here is where I have to ask if it is possible to be sure that this call is sent. As the ESP32 goes to sleep, after not recieving any data from the car, I had the case that the device is off before it could send the data out.

Sure, I could work with very long timers and hope that mail is sent, but is there a reliable way to call and enpoint or at least do a thing.handle?

Does a thing.handle “delay” the code coming after it, until it has finished or will a esp.reboot directly kick in and prevent the thing.handle to sent data?

thank you very much and continue your work! thinger is great!