Endpoints stop working after specific call

I’m running a local thinger.io instance on a raspberry pi (installed using the standard snap package) and connecting it to a local Node-red server through HTTP endpoints and an API.
I’ve got different endpoints both in Thinger and Node-red depending on the info I’m sending though them. A nodemcu calls the endpoints, which in turn make a POST request to Node-red to pass the data. I had two endpoints of this kind working perfectly.
The problem is I just created a new one which seems to break all of them. Everything is working fine, until a device makes a call to the endpoint. This endpoint calls Node-red, which receives the request, but no endpoint calls after this are made for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes pass, Node-red only receives requests from this endpoint, the rest of them just stop working.
This is what is written to the endpoint:

thing["complete_motion_report"] >> [](pson& out){
    time_t t = now();
    char time[50];
    snprintf(time, 50, "%d:%d:%d %d/%d/%d", hour(t), minute(t), second(t), day(t), month(t), year(t));
    out["motion"] = ; // true or false
    out["threshold"] = MOTION_REPORT_THRESHOLD;
    out["node_name"] = String(nodeName);
    out["stamp"] = String(time);
  // IN LOOP
  if(millis() - lastMotionReport > MOTION_REPORT_THRESHOLD*1000){
    thing->call_endpoint("NodeRedMotionReport", thing["complete_motion_report"]);
    Serial.printf("\n Motion report sent.");
    lastMotionReport = millis();

Everything works fine if I comment the ‘call_endpoint’ line. I also made sure the endpoint is not called more than once every 10 seconds (although I’m not sure this restriction applies to local instances).
The receiving end in Node-red is just a ‘HTTP in node’, of which I have three. The other two (with the other two endpoints) work perfectlly until this one gets used.
Sorry for the long description, hope someone can help.

Just in case someone runs into the same problem, it had nothing to do with thinger or my code, I just forgot to send a proper HTTP 200 response to thinger each time the endpoint was triggered. I just connected an HTTP send node to the output of the receiver.

:clap::clap: Great to know that! It makes sense, the server was locked waiting to the 200OK, and after the 2 minutes timeout, it would work again!