Endpoint calls rate


In the account upgrade I can see different endpoint calls rates per plan…

What is the extact meaning of it?

Currently using the free plan for a while which says 1 call per 10 seconds…but in the esp32 example I don’t see any 10 seconds lag when sending or receiving values through the dashboard.

thanks for clarification

Hello @Richard_Klingler,

Actually, there is not an intentioned limitation, so you can call to the endpoint all as you can (in an appropriate way). But, if the server detects that your device is making an inappropriate use of the call_endpoint instruction, for example, if you are executing it each loop() of your program, your device will be locked, but don’t worry, you will receive an email notice and just re-creating the device it can be unlocked after solving the problem.

This mechanism is applied to all the accounts, but if you contract an on-demand instance you can disable this limitation.

Hope it helps

Hello Jorge

Good to know, thanks (o;

BTW: Do you know why some of my posts are hidden and marked as spam here?


Ups! Discourse sometimes marks topics as spam (commonly it’s right) but in this case it was a mistake. I will make it public right now!