Enable/Disable Parameters

is there anyway to enable and disable device output resources from server instead of changing code,

I mean if we have a generic code reporting multiplies data resources and some times i don’t need all of them. can we disable receiving them

another question is there handbook for how to use device properties?

I do that by “thing” at the device, as when is reporting it executes the code inside it, I define what code will run and what not, by a boolean variable

thing["Status"] >> [](pson & out) {
  if (varExample) {
    out["Var1"] = var1;
    out["Example2"] = example2;
  if (uptime) {
    out["Days"] = millis() / 86400000;
    out["Hours"] = millis() / 3600000;
    out["Minutes"] = millis() / 60000;

And you of course set up the boolean variables as other “things”, in this way you can disable remotely the device of reporting certain variables that you don’t want.

Hope this helps.