Email Endpoint Problem


I have some problems to send data throughout an email endpoint. When I receive the email, nothing appears. The data comes from SigFox with the next JSON format

“location” : {“lat”:18.67012440563496,“lng”:-98.16516483356958,“radius”:16200,“source”:2,“status”:1}

Could someone help me?


you should be able to do something like:

Location is: {{}}, {{location.lng}} with radius: {{location.radius}}

Basically, {{}} is for replacing a value, and location in your JSON is an object. So, you should set the full path of the value like in the example: key1.key2...

Hope it helps!


Thanks for replying.

I’ve already tried that before, but it doesn’t work either. :confused:

It seems that the dot operator isn’t recognized.

Hi @Brandon_Oropeza, just tested it and it is a confirmed bug! Will fix it ASAP. Thanks for the report!

Thanks a lot!

I have the same problem with Telegram endpoint.

Please let me know when the bug is fixed.