Electrical diagram of ClimaStick v1.1

Can I get an electrical diagram of ClimaStick v1.1?
I would like to know if you have any free port of the lower area of the module.
Is it an ESP-14 module?
Thank you.

Hello Moises!

First of all, sorry! cause I have a huge delay with this point, but It is necessary to put everything “nice” in the design files before making them public.

I just have included it in my GitHub repository, and will be linked in Thinger.io’s one soon, you can find the repository here: https://github.com/JorgeTrincado/ClimaStick/tree/master/ClimaStick_v1.1%20PCB%20files

The PCB is compatible with the ESP07/12/12E modules, but unfortunately, there is not any free port. The only way to create an external port is using GPIO02 (which only has a pull-up resistor but is not used) or breaking the ADC voltage sensor by removing the resistors from the voltage divider.

What do you want to connect?

best regards!

Hello jtrinc26!

Many thanks for the work.

I’m thinking of making a battery-powered device. For a very low consumption I have thought to use the TPL5110 of adafruit. About 35 nano Amps when the system does nothing.

To activate that low power I need a port of the microcontroller.
And for what you tell me, maybe it’s possible. I will try to prove it.

Also, I would like the next version of ClimaStick to have a module with FCC Certification, I think it would be much easier to build a final product with it. It is just an advice. And if it had integrated the tpl5110 it would be perfect. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

Thank you so much. Regards.

Hi @Moises,

This device is awesome. Do you know if there is any version in which the interval can be programmed by software?

The ClimaStick 2.5 is almost ready, will not have FCC certificate for the moment, since it is dessigned for prototyping/learning. But stay tuned for upcoming devices, that will provide a solid base for creating big products in a simple way.

You have some more information here: Thinger.io blog entry


Hi jtrinc26.

There are more nanotimers:

Maybe the tpl5000 could be adapted, but I’m not sure,

The future is exciting with the new devices, thanks and regards.

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