DynamoDB Bucket Not working

How to configure the bucket to be use DynamoDB?
I got error

2022-07-14 02:31:55.501 (1598.626s) [worker thread 1 ]    dynamodb_bucket.cpp:75     ERR| aws dynamodb write error: 400 {"__type":"com.amazon.coral.validate#ValidationException","message":"One or more parameter values were invalid: Missing the key device in the item"

What the PARTITION_KEY should be?

Why do you need DynamoDB? It lacks several features from a time series database like the used on private instances.

What do you mean time series database?

We thought to enable our Data Engineers to be able to retrieve data from DynamoDB, so that they could perform further processing with other AWS services.

Any suggestion?

Private server instances comes with InfluxDB by default. A time series database allow a better processing for sensor data, i.e., it allows generating dashboards with mean values, delta values, extract min, max, aggregate data by day , week, month, etc.