Duplicating dashboards?

Is there a way to duplicate a dashboard. We will have multiple devices that will all need the same dashboards. I notice there is an empty space in the docs for api control over the dashboards?

Is there a way to move dashboards from one account to another? One of our developers had some of our devices running on his hosted server, but now we have set up our own and need to move them. Any way to do that?

me too…

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Hello Srs, actually yes! it is possible if both accounts belongs to the same server instance and project. Please take a look to the “project manager” documentation https://docs.thinger.io/projects

As you will see there, it is possible to create a project and share resources with other users. The only limitation is that the project must be created and selected when the resource (dashboard, device, etc) is being created. So currently it is not possible to link it later but this is work in progress, in the future it should be also possible to create dashboard templates in order to easily replicate it, but please be patient with this.

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Could it be an idea to dump a dashboard configuration as a JSON file, let the user make substitutions with any editor of his choice (e.g. replace all occurrences of device “A” with device “B”, or Dashboard AB with Dashboard BC), then upload back the JSON?
The render engine is robust enough to cope with inconsistencies (that happen today as well, if you delete a device, that is referred to in some dashboards) you get an error and the rest is processed…

I seem to come up short in the documentation, there is no word “copy” or “duplicate” in the “project manager” documentation https://docs.thinger.io/projects

[Jorge] can you please provide some more insight. I have about 10 devices that will all have the same or similar dashboard, its takes me about 1-1.5 hours to create each one manually, surely there is a way to simplify this. “created dashboard template” or something similar ?

Indeed this is a quite useful feature, specially when scaling projects with large number of devices. At this time we are working on such feature, as a customer request. So we will have soon the possibility to create Dashboards templates :wink:

We hope we can make it publicly available during the first two weeks of October.

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