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Is there a location where I can get more information on setting up alarms in I’ve created an alarm for when a field in a data bucket is equal to a certain value, but when using the inspector tool, I only see alarm_rule_execute events occurring, and I can’t figure out how to get the alarm to activate. Here is what I see on the inspector and my data source config for the alarm:

I guess a more pointed question is: How can I perform string comparisons on my alerts?
I want to do something along the lines of “When data is equal to “20 Percent Full”, activate the alarm immediately”

Hi @swiftarrow4

There is currently no support for string comparisons and I can’t tell if it will be implemented and when.

Your particular example could be easily resolved by saving into the bucket the data as an integer describing the filled capacity of what you are measuring.


Allowing also to create dashboards based on this value, as opposite to a string approach value.

Let us know if you need help reaching an alternative that fulfills your needs.


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Hi @jaimebs ,

Thank you for getting back to me, I was able to get a working solution for accessing data in my data bucket by checking numerical values in the bucket.

Another data point I want to try and check for an alarm trigger is one of my device properties. This property is a number that can be set on the dashboard corresponding to the device, but unfortunately I’m having issues using the Device Property in my Alarm Condition.

I have my data source configured using the identifier of the property, and I filter down to my specific device with the filter by device field, and I can confirm that this property is present on the device and it is a numerical value. However when I attempt to use the data source using the specified format (prop.alarm_temp_set), I’m unable to trigger the alarm regardless of the condition I check against. Could you provide insight into what I’m doing wrong so I can configure this? Thank you!

Hi @swiftarrow4

Try out the following:

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Hello @jaimebs !

I am having the same problem: I have something in an activation alarm which not works. Could you provide insight into what I’m doing wrong so I can configure this?

I have the next rule alarm:

And I have put the condition field like in the information:

But it does not activate the alarm.

I have tried to write the data_field conditions in another ways like:


  • doorSensorUninstalled.value

  • doorSensorUninstalled.value[sensors.DoorWarehouse.state]

  • Etc

The execution is of the rule is done, but it does not activate the alarm (so the endpoint which is an email is not being sending):

Thank you in advance!

Best regards!

I would be so grateful if somebody could help me, please! :slight_smile:

@alvarolb @jaimebs


I would say the first issue is that there is currently no support for string comparisons. If you save it as an integer 1 or 0 as true or false for an open/close state you should be able to use the comparison condition

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Thank you ! :slight_smile: