Do I need to use to trigger endpoint?

I read Communicating two ESP8266 with “ device call” endpoint and understand that endpoints were meant to be triggered from the iot device.

But what if I have an iot device in the field that’s sending temps, I can’t/don’t want to reflash it, and simply want to send an Email if the temp is too high.
Is it correct that I can’t use endpoints for this?

If so, does it mean that I need to use some external site like iftt . com to pull the data and send Email outside of thinger . io?
If so, it would be great to have some simple logic in cloud integration to trigger endpoints if a simple condition is met (something that doesn’t require code and would be easy to add in the web interface, like a comparison)


Hello @marcmerlin,

Currently there is not any builtin rule engine or scheduler on the platform but you can use Node-RED Plugin (or any other Node-RED with integration) to evaluate device values and call endpoint profiles. Please check the recent blog entry talking about this and thedocumentation of Node-RED integration.


thank you for the pointers, very helpful.