Display problem of the time dropdown component in the Dashboards

It seems that there is a problem in the dashboards view for Mobile

In the following attached image you can see how the component to select the date and time leaves the screen, this is due to the minimum width being 500px, unfortunately this parameter comes directly in the HTML tag and due to priority it cannot be changed with any CSS code in the dashboard.

Reducing it to 250 may fix the problem, the component is responsive so it will fit perfectly, just like the image attached below.

Hi @JoseSalamancaCoy, thanks for your feedback!

We are about to release a new console version with many improvements for mobile view, so, we will fix this issue too. Moreover, it will be released also as a mobile application :wink:


If you need Test Users, just send us a message. The evolution of Thinger reflects on the evolution of our solutions.


I would also be available for testing.!! thanks @alvarolb
waiting for the new release