Display device connection status on dashboard


I want to know if it is possible to indicate on a dashboard that the device (for which the data is being shown on the dashboard) is currently connected or not. This can be done as an example using an LED widget.

This will be similar to the connected status when viewing a specific device’s information.


Hello Charl,

Nice to find you here! Actually all the widgets have a thumps down to show device connection status, but that feature only works with thinger software clients. As you are using callback integrations it is not directly possible, but maybe you can put a led indicator that takes data from any device property :

then you can modify the value of that property using a Node-RED flow like this:

If you are interested on this solution let me know and I will help you with the codification of the nodes

On the other hand… you can use an HTML widget to retrieve device status by calling the device API and retrieving device “active” value, for example, if I call to my Sigfox device API:

I will receive the next JSON:

{"connection":{"active":false,"host":"trincado.do.thinger.io","ip":"","location":{"lat":40.680574947833904,"lon":-3.969137228089218,"radius":3802.0},"rx":0,"timeout":10,"ts":1585561751193,"tx":110030},"description":"Auto provisioned Sigfox Device","device":"sigfox_sme_C378F","type":"HTTP"}

But this option, being much difficult to implement, is also less scalable / efficient, as the fist implementation is using server events, triggered only when the device status changes.

Hope it helps,

Hi Jorge

Thank you.

I haven’t had a look at Node RED yet and this looks like the better approach to take. I will start looking into this and be back when I get stuck with the code.

Thanks for the advice.

Could you please explain more about these node codification.
I need to do that exactly.


Hi @Moahmed_ELnahas,

Can you explain just a little about your device’s integration or any other requirement? the implementation is actually very simple if you obtain the right API to modify the property from the browser inspector, but maybe there is any other option depending on the characteristics of your project