Disable or manage users registration?

I cant find anything about “admin account”. I´ve installed on my own server, made an account. but I dont want random people to be able to register. How to disabe that?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hello @Don_Daniel,

There is no a “admin” role in the server, where you can manage other accounts, grant access, etc. At most, you can force the server to only admit only one account. There is no a clean way at this moment to disable the sign up process, or just allow a single admin account. I will consider adding it to the server configuration, so it can be disabled by a parameter. In the meanwhile, you can try to constrain the sign up process by forcing a required email that it is impossible to match, like a single dot, an empty string, etc. You can place this setting in the config file, and then restart the server. This will not disable the sign up page, but will always fail returning an error like “invalid email domain” when anyone tries to sign up to your server. A parameter like the following should do the job:

“required_email_domains” : ["."],

Hope it helps