Different devices created with product, don't change TAG group

i’ve 2 devices created with product . device 10323 , 10324 with different group 10323 group: falconi , 10324 group cam.

but on dashboard when i go on second device i see that tag “” group don’t change even if second 10324 have different group tag group don’t chage on dashboard


why when i select different device (created with product) , change only Tag device, but Tag group don’t change ?

the data bucket log data right for device 10324 with tag group : “cam” , but dashboard graph don’t show data because it remains linked to group set on device 10323 .

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the group tag does not update automatically as it is up to the user to select the filters to apply. Think of tags as filters on data that you can apply when extracting data from the bucket. There is no direct relation between tags on the bucket, they are just “tags” applied to each data entry. Moreover, tags can be defined by the user when creating the bucket, so, they are not limited to device and group (created by default from a product bucket).

In your case, selecting the device ID should be more than enough for filtering data from one device, unless the device is sending data for more than a group, or the group changes quite frequently.

So, in general terms, just select the device ID directly. or select a group to do some aggregated data, i.e., average consumption of the devices in a group.