Device show always connected on own-host server

Hello guys. Do anyone encounter the issue that the devices in the device page always show connected? and in fact, all of my devices were offline, but the device page does not get update. It looks like being stuck in the state of “connect”. Hence, I can’t delete the device when it was showing “connect”.


Are you sure that it is stacked?
Actually, the device page has not real time data. You have to refresh it to show the state of your devices. furthermore, the “connected” state could have a little delay, because the server allows some margins to the “keep alive” messages.


Hello @JorgeTrincado, yes I aware that the page has not real time data. But in my own host server, the device just keep showing online, although i just started the server and no other device was connected to the server yet. The status just locked at there, and i could not delete that device since it was in connected status. Weird.

Does it make different if you connect to your server over http or https?