Device Properties


I create device settings in the “properties” tab in my device profile. I supplement the Property Identifier and Property Value with the json table. I can’t read this data using the function in my device code.

I searched google and community but there is no example :frowning: I tried with thing.set_property or thing.get_property …

I’m using ESP32 HUZZAH and Arduino Compiler 1.8.10.

Please help some sample code.

?? :frowning:

Hello @Sebastian_Barylak,

can you provide some additional information such as a screenshot of the property and your device source code?

This is a really new feature so there is not any related post yet =S but sure that we will find the problem!



Reads values ​​via httpclient then using json to extract individual properties.
Trying to overwrite the value in the parameter table but to no avail.

I use the example from the thinger handbook:

  pson data;
//sending new values to platform
thing.set_property("settings", data, true);

Hello Sebastian,

It appears to be all right. Does this code belongs to the loop() function? I would prefer work with the complete code